Green Bowling

Bring your friends, grab a bowl and enjoy the best thing since whisky!

Elrancho Green Bowling club welcomes you to join. It will you give great opportunity to play.
The club days are normally Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Membership fee is 10€/year.

If you are a member the yearly fee is 200€ and possibility for 1/2 year.
You also have the possibility to play sporadicly or monthly contacting Elrancho directly.
5€/day or 25€/month.

The ones without woods are given the possibility to rent from Elrancho for 1,50€ per day

For more informatio we recomend you to

– call Irene Mangan 966717700
– call Stewart Hamill 966789971

– come and talk to the members on the Club day
– you can also look at

You can also supply for membership using the Application form.

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Here are some pro’s from 1982 doing “the green bowl”: Green Bowl